The stuff you can't keep out of your ears.

My first time hearing this track I thought it was another remix of Mario. Vocal is a bit RnB-y if ya know what I mean.

Great track for a day out in the sunshine!

Nice remix/cover of Disclosure's smash hit Latch.

Teemid x Daniela Andrade :)

Rightfully tagged as #FutureTropicalHouse. 

Dem good vibes, good vibes. 

One of the reasons I love SoundCloud: just makes my music discovery such a great experience. 

Just heard this in a mix - great vocal, great bass, great track!

Dat bassline doe. 

'Cause I don't want to fall in love, 

If you don’t want to try. 

But all that I’ve been thinking of, 

Is maybe that you might. 

Just say you love me…

Sam Smith in the garage. 

Damn, Lana, your voice is hypnotic. 

Groove groove groove!

I wonder what you do…

I’m looking at your perfect outlines…

I wanna get with you…

And get beyond your perfect outlines…


My dreams are always a world away, 

I’d be living a lie if I didn’t say,

That night I wished for you to stay,

Till sunrise.